On this page you can find several examples of different use case scenarios. Specific workflows for implementation are shown in the individual examples. Some of the scenarios also show the implementation of features that are necessary for the implementation. Please also have a look the latest features that are continuously communicated on this page: eSignAnyWhere Release News

Online Sales Scenario

Online Sales Scenario with Remote Signing - Example of Travel Insurance contracting

A client goes on vacation and finds out, at the airport, that he doesn’t have a travel insurance.

Requirement: eSignAnyWhere workflow with two signers and one with authentication.

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Parallel Signing Scenario

Parallel Signing Scenario - Example of a Project Proposal signed by several managers

Internal signing workflow with parallel signers for a project proposal.

Requirement: Parallel signing workflow with eSignAnyWhere

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Biometric Signature Recording

Biometric signature recording scenario on POS with a native app on a tablet - Example of a car selling scenario

Two customers are buying one car and signing the contract on the table at the local dealership.

Requirement: Point of Sale integration with native apps and hosted meeting

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Bulk Sending Scenario

Bulk Sending Scenario - Request Signature of same Company Policy by all Employees

The head of the company wants to send the new company policy to all employees.

Requirement: Creating a bulk with eSignAnyWhere

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Multiple Signers Scenario

Multiple Signers scenario with hiding of some documents from some signers - Example showing Document Visibility

Three people are involved and not everyone can see all documents

Requirement: Set visibility in eSignAnyWhere

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Using Text Placeholders

Use Text Placeholders to insert Form Elements or Signature Fields

One customer orders a new car and the seller prepares the envelope

Requirement: Placing dynamic signature fields and form fields

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Using Templates

Using Templates for Standard Processes

A seller creates an envelope template, which can be used in everyday work again and again

Requirement: Creating a template with eSignAnyWhere

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Contract With Reference To External Content

Contract with Reference to External Online Content - Example with hyperlink to General Terms and Conditions

Add hyperlinks to the document to link to other websites

Requirement: Add hyperlinks via API

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Document Tagging Scenario

Document Tagging Scenario - Example showing how to collect metadata for DMS archiving

Add metadata with additional information to save and find your envelopes

Requirement: DMS-Tagging with metadata

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Online Video Identification Scenario

Online Video Identification Scenario - Example involving Namirial LiveID+ to identify for QES

Identifications can be dealt with live as well as documents can be signed live

Requirement: LiveID+ identification

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Use Biometric Signature With Verification

Use biometric signature with verification

Verification of the biometric signature

Requirement: Biometric server

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