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This sample guides you through the configuration of the workstep. Generally the following steps are necessary to test the workstep configuration.

  1. Upload a file
  2. Create a workstep configuration
  3. Send an envelope

Upload a file

First, you will need a PDF document which you want to upload.

For REST you need the following URL:

For SOAP you need the API call UploadTemporarySspFile_v1

For this call you need an authentication. For authentication, you’ll need an api token. You can find this information in Settings / Api Tokens and Apps. Note that all API methods require authentication. For more information about the authorization please have a look the  API Reference Guide for SOAP or the Postman Guide for REST

SOAP ONLY: After the authorization you need to BASE64 the PDF which you want to upload. If the call was successful you get a file Id which we will need for sending an envelope.

Workstep configuration

The workstep configuration is the core of the envelope. Within the workstep configuration you can define following settings:

  • AdditionalClientWorkstepInformation
  • Viewer preferences
  • Policy
  • Sender and receiver information
  • Workstep tasks
  • Signature template
  • Authentication
  • PdfForms

Empty workstep

Lets start with an empty workstep first and then fill it step by step with the settings above. In the next collapse you can find an empty workstep (change ##EMAIL## to the email-address and ”NAME## to the name of the recipient you want to send the envelope):

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