Release cycle

Namirial is offering several feature-stream releases per year, and in addition one Long-Term Support (LTS) version. The LTS version is based on a former feature-stream release which was in use already for a while. Focus on LTS releases is on security and stability (e.g. 22.76 is based on 22.52) , as well as on longer availability of hotfixes for stability and security issues.

For feature releases (e.g. 20.14, 20.28) Namirial offers software maintainence upon release date of the next feature release. After that date, customers who need a fix on a feature release are asked to update to the latest feature release, till they can upgrade to the next LTS release. For LTS releases (which we will release once a year), Namirial provides software maintenance by offering hotfixes for critical/blocker issues (classification is upon Namirial) for up to 2 years.

Our recommendation to our On-Premise and Private-SaaS customers is to use the latest LTS version whenever a customer is not requiring new features that have been introduced after release of the LTS version.
The feature-stream releases may also be deployed by our customers e.g. when they need new features not yet included in the LTS version.

SaaS feature-stream deployment cycle

On our Shared SaaS environments (including, and others) we deploy the latest feature-stream release in the first week every month usually at 22:00 CE(S)T.
Private-SaaS environments that are also on feature-stream will be updated exactly one week later also at 22:00 CE(S)T.
Private-SaaS test environments can be deployed upfront during European business hours by individual agreement.

SaaS LTS deployment cycle

Private-SaaS environments that are on LTS version can stay on a supported LTS version for up to 2 years. As soon as the support of the version expires an update to a supported version due to our Security requirements is required.
Of course earlier updates to newer supported LTS versions can be scheduled in advance at anytime.

Version Numbering Scheme

Since 2020, SIGNificant Server Platform and eSignAnyWhere are following a version numbering scheme which reflects in average the release date. The major version number (19, 20, ...) reflects the calendar year of feature freeze. The minor version number (14, 28, ...) reflect the calendar week of planned release date (defined already before beginning of dev cycle). For LTS versions, which are based in general on the latest version of a year, the minor version number is ".76" The LTS version 19.LTS is published in spring 2020 and so-called "20 LTS", but based on the features of 2019 (so, 19.76). The LTS version released in sprint 2021 was numbered as 20.76.

Until end of 2019, SIGNificant Server Platform and eSignAnyWhere followed a different numbering model; the latest SSP version released under the old versioning number was SIGNificant Server Platform 4.22 released in late 2019. SIGNificant Server Platform 4.22 was compatible with eSignAnyWhere 3.7.

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