To which Products does this Model apply?

  • All products where no other defined lifecycle model applies
  • Does not apply for the eSignAnyWhere main components and SIGNificant Server Platform main components; for these see Feature-And-LTS Lifecycle Model.


Namirial will publish releases once a set of functional updates or bugfixes has been implemented. In some cases, Namirial will decide to publish a Hotfix version instead of a new functional update. In general, issues are fixed by publishing a new release. Only if an update to the next version is not possible because of known breaking changes would be qualified for a Hotfix, for a duration of one year from initial product release date.

Namirial will try to minimize the necessity of defined breaking changes in the product. Breaking changes are e.g. allowed, in following cases:

  • When a breaking change was announced at least one year in advance, e.g. API discontinuation
  • When a breaking change is necessary to fix a security finding classified as "critical" or "high", if there is no other solution available with reasonable effort.

Breaking Changes will be documented in the product release notes.

Maintenance Period

Software Maintenance, i.e. the period in which hotfixes will be provided if qualified, is defined:

Official Product ReleasesFor 1 year from new product version release date, if new product versions cannot be used to resolve the issue.
(Hotfix release dates do not extend maintenance period)

Product Discontinuation Policy

In general, new product version will be published in time if a product discontinuation was not announced before.

Product discontinuation will be announced one year in advance. The announcement will be done in the product documentation.

One year after announcement, software maintenance for the product will end.

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