We introduce an update of the SignAnyWhere Viewer with eSignAnyWhere Release 3.5 (July 2019). The update will slightly change the layout to optimize the user interface to focus more on the document view (increased area) for the signer. Moreover, the user interface was optimized and improved, to increase the user experience and have a modern look.

Comparison of the Viewer versions

New Viewer (eSAW 3.5)Previous Viewer (until eSAW 3.4)
Default View
The new viewer has a much cleaner and reduced user interface and the control elements were optimized. The viewer policies still allow to customize the UI to your needs and the customization (if not extended via customer.css) still will work. See customizing chapter about more details regarding customization.
Viewer Menu
The menu was redesigned and the icons optimized to have a better visual experience for the user.
The preview now contains the control elements (e.g. Zoom) and can be collapsed, without change of the logo. The status bar is per default always visible.


Due the new layout of the viewer it also affects the customization of it (e.g. there is only one logo anymore required). We integrated a automatic migration of the customization, nevertheless, it is recommended to test the customization before upgrading the system.

Moreover, if you are using a custom.css, please verify the customization before upgrading your system (private SaaS or on premise). Shared SaaS customer is recommended to test their customization on our demo plattform, before the shared SaaS instance gets upgraded. Contact your Namirial consultant or our support for more details.

Testing of the new Viewer

Just create a demo organizaton on our demo platform.

Changes in the Customization

The following list should be used for a better understanding of

  • Which variables of the SAW Viewer have been removed
  • To which new variables we have migrated the values to
Old KeyOld DefaultNew KeyNew DefaultRemarks
logoExpandedUrllogo_sidebar_expanded.svglogoTopbarUrllogo_topbar.svgThere is no collapsed logo anymore, only the expanded one is used => New default name is topbar
logoExpandedUrllogo_sidebar_expanded.svglogoLoadingUrllogo_loading.svgThe expanded logo will be used for the new logo in the loading screen
guidanceButtonNextDesktopColorgreenColorguidanceButtonNextColorwhiteColorPlease check if the whiteColor fits to your customized topbar
topBarDesktopBackgroundColorlighterGrayColortopBarBackgroundColordefaultColorAttention: If you have customized your topbar to bright color, the “guidanceButtonNextColor” might not fit now, if you have not changed the button color, because the new button color is now white

Automatic Migration Logic

The customization gets automatically migrated to the new viewer during the upgrade by the following rules:

  • If the value of the “Old” key has been customized, the value of the new key gets this customized value.
  • If the value of the “Old” key has NOT been customized, the value of the new key gets the new default value.

How to change customizations after update

When the new eSignAnyWhere 3.5 (with subcomponent SSP 4.20) will be installed on a server, the migration will be performed and most of the values should already fit to the old design behaviour. Nevertheless, if there are still customizations, that do not fit to the new SignAnyWhere Viewer design, there are two possibilites:

1) Recommended: Using new 3.5 (SSP 4.20) Customization.zip

Go to the eSAW organisation and download the current design. By doing this, you are getting a 4.20 Customization.zip including all new keys including the above described migrations.

You just need to find the new keys and adapt the values as you want.

2) Alternative: Using old 3.4 (SSP to 4.19) Customization .zip

If you are using an old Customization.zip file what was generated from <= 4.19 SSP, then you have the old keys inside the Customization.zip file.
When you upload such a file, we need to migrate the old values again with the above described migration logic.

If you want to change values in the old Customization.zip, you need to change the value of the old key!

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