Please note the following HTTP status codes returned from the REST endpoints:

Status CodeDescriptionExamples
200Request has been processed successfully.
  • User has been created
  • Envelope has been deleted
  • Reminders have been sent

The request cannot be processed.

  • request structure is not correct
  • missing required value
  • Values are outside of the defined range
  • references objects do not exist/are not accessible
401Required Authorization has not been successful
  • API token is not existing
  • User is not active
  • Organization is not active
403Authorization is provided and valid, but the called method requires additional permissions
404Main resource for request could not be found or is not accessible
  • EnvelopeId is not known
  • UserId belongs to other organization
  • Template is requested, but Id is an envelope
500Generic server errorsDepending Service is not available
  • No labels