The envelope history feature is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into the events related to an envelope, as well as detailed information on any events that may have encountered issues.

The inclusion of a specific feature flag is not necessary. Users with the appropriate permissions can access this feature either through the settings or directly within the specific envelope.


You can find the following permissions in the section "Roles and Permissions" below "Settings"

  • User is allowed to see the event history of an envelope (section "Envelope")
    • This permission operates independently and does not rely on any other permission or feature. However, access to view the envelope history is contingent upon the user being authorized to manage the envelope. If this permission is not set, the user will not see the envelope history
  • User is allowed to see anonymized history of any envelope of its organization (section "Organization")
    • This permission grants the user access to view the event history of any envelope, irrespective of whether the user can manage the envelope. Nevertheless, the information about the affected user as well as the extra information are anonymized.

General information

Only envelopes of the following types can be used:

  • Started
  • InProgress
  • Canceled
  • Completed
  • Expired
  • Rejected

Bulk parent: Envelopes can not be used as they contain no events
Bulk child: Envelopes can be used

For requests involving an envelope ID linked to a deleted envelope (where an envelope history entry with an envelope ID exists), information will show "No history for deleted envelope possible. Deleted in ##Date##.

The envelope ID can be found in the document details page. If the document details page for a specific envelope was opened you can find the envelope ID in the URL e.g.

Please note: It has to be a valid envelope ID. Envelope IDs have to be in GUID format like it is shown in the sample above.

Envelope history UI

The following figures show once where the envelope history can be found in the settings and once on the document details page:

Envelope History (Setting)Envelope History (Document details)

Envelope History Setting

Envelope History Document Details

Additionally the following figures show the envelope history once with the User Event History Access permission and once with the Anonymized Organization Envelope History permission. Please note: Those permissions can be found in the "Roles and Permissions" Section below "Settings".

User Event History AccessAnonymized Organization Envelope History

Envelope History Access

Envelope History Anonymized

Deleted Envelope

Envelope History Deleted

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