The "Agreements Configuration" section allows to define standard agreements / signature disclosure / terms and conditions. These agreements are used by default when sending an envelope via Web UI.

The agreement configuration is controlling if (and which) agreement texts are presented to signers and PKCS7 signers, after authentication in case an authentication method is configured. Please consider that agreement configurations are valid for signer activities only. In case of other activity types such as "Copy Recipient" or "Must View" activites, the acknowledge dialog is not displayed.

To define agreement texts, activate the feature by clicking on the checkbox, and enter your individual text for different languages. You can define different texts for each language and add the name of the recipient by using {{name}}

Note that an API integrator may override the settings and set individual agreement texts per envelope or recipient. Starting with eSignAnyWhere 22.50, the agreements text can be overwritten also in WebUI scenarios on a per-envelope level.


Agreements Configuration

  1. Signature disclosure settings
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