How to upgrade from version 1.x - 2.4.x to version 2.5.x

Important changeovers were made from the previous version to the current version.

  • The operating system has been updated from CentOS6 to CentOS7
  • The application server was migrated from jboss 7 to WildFly 14.0.0.Final
  • In addition to a series of application improvements that you can find at the changelog

To complete the update you need to create a new machine and proceed to a new appliance installation that you find at the following link SWS OnPremise Installation Guide#HowtoobtaintheOVFvirtualappliance .

A step by step installation guide can be found at the following link SWS OnPremise Installation Guide#Deploymentandtest.

Once the installation is complete you will need to reconfigure your VA with the production keystore, you can find at this link a detail on how to do this SWS OnPremise Installation Guide#MigratefromTESTtoPRODenvironment.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest version we recommend you follow this guide. HowcaniupgradeSWSappliancetolatestversion?

How can i export the log from SWS?

At this link:

SWS OnPremise Installation Guide#ExportLogFiles

You can see the guide for export the files.

How can i see the SWS version?

There are two ways. First way:

Go to link: 


And read the version software (starts with 2.x )


1) Login SSH to appliance and execute:

rpm -q sws

And read the version software (starts with 2.x)

NOTE: for the old appliance SWS is available only the second way.

How can i upgrade SWS appliance to latest version?

1) Login SSH to SWS appliance

2) Execute:

sudo yum update

How can i upgrade SWS appliance menu to latest version?

1) Login SSH to SWS appliance

2) Execute:

sudo yum update

How can i obtain the latest version of SWS appliance?

At this link:

SWS OnPremise Installation Guide#HowtoobtaintheOVFvirtualappliance

You can obtain the latest version and the details for import and configure

Template support request in case of problems with integration

The fields required are:

DATE and TIME when you have received the error: ???
ERROR RECEIVED (from our server): ???

How can i install SWS in standalone mode?

Is possible to install SWS in standalone mode ONLY in server RedHat, Almalinux9 and CentOS (this OS is supported until June 2024). Below the procedure:

tar xzfv sws2_packages.tar.gz

Move into directory just extracted and run this command:


How can i TEST SWS SaaS?

The url prefix for TEST SWS SaaS is:

This is the link for download SSL certificate on our service

For example during the integration the full url to use for SOAP request is:

And the full url for REST request is:

How can i fix the problem caused by truststore not updated?

If in the SWS logs is present the messege:

Caused by: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

The problem maybe caused by the trustore not updated. Below the step to fix the problem:

1) Login SSH to the SWS virtual machine

2) Type the following command

rpm -q sws

3) If the output of the command starts with "sws-2.4" you should perform the following commands:

wget -O /home/jboss/.SignEngine/keystore/truststore.jks wget -O /usr/java/latest/lib/scurity/cacerts


service jboss restart

If the output of the command starts with "sws-2.5" you should perform the following command:

 sudo wget -O /home/wildfly/.SignEngine/keystore/truststore.jks


sudo service wildfly restart

How to remove production certificate

When installing a production certificate the machine cannot return to the environment test from the graphic panel. 

If you want to restore the appliance to the initial state, you must remove this file using the command:

# Login into your VA using SSH

# For SWS 1.x - 2.4.x
rm -rvf /home/jboss/.SignEngine/keystore/prod_keystore.jks
rm -rvf /home/jboss/.SignEngine/

# For SWS 2.5.x
rm -rvf /home/wildfly/.SignEngine/keystore/prod_keystore.jks
rm -rvf /home/wildfly/.SignEngine/

Next you need to restart WildFly/JBoss service using this command:

# For SWS 1.x - 2.4.x
sudo service jboss restart

# For SWS 2.5.x
sudo service wildfly restart

Once operation is completed than you have your installation in a initial state.

How can i migrate manually from TEST to PROD environment?

In you pc
1) Rename JKS of SSL certificate (received by mail) to: "prod_keystore.jks"
2) create file "" and add this entry:
    - ws.client.dynamic.remotesignature.address =
    - ws.client.keystore.filename = /home/wildfly/.SignEngine/keystore/prod_keystore.jks
3) Login via WinScp/FileZilla with user "sws" (the password is the same for ssh login)
4) Copy the file:
    - prod_keystore.jks
    Into folder "/tmp"
5) Login SSH to SWS appliance and execute this command:
    - sudo service wildfly stop
    - sudo mv /tmp/prod_keystore.jks /home/wildfly/.SignEngine/keystore/
    - sudo mv /tmp/ /home/wildfly/.SignEngine/
    - sudo chown -R wildfly:wildfly /home/wildfly/.SignEngine
    - sudo service wildfly start

How can i enable the login via application?

By default the login has made using the ssh (the SWS gui run the login command to check the password)
Therefore login ssh and login gui have the same password!!!

Is possible to set the login using the properties, following this procedure:
1) Login to SSH appliance
2) sudo service wildfly stop
3) create file if not present:
    - /home/wildfly/.SignEngine/
4) Add this entry (the password is "sws2015"):
5) sudo service wildfly start

NOW you can make a login and chage password

The commando to calculate the password is:

echo -n "sws2015" | openssl dgst -sha512 | awk '{print $2}'
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