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This list shows you the available document status icons, a textual representation is next to the icon in eSignAnyWhere.

eSAW Status Icon FinishedImage RemovedImage Added

Envelope is finished
Image Added
eSAW Status Icon CancelImage Removed

Envelope is canceled by one of the recipients

eSAW Status Icon RejectedImage RemovedImage Added

Envelope is rejected by one of the recipients

eSAW Status Icon DraftImage RemovedImage Added

Envelope is a Draft

eSAW Status Icon PenImage RemovedImage Added

Waiting for signing

eSAW Status Icon EyeImage RemovedImage Added

Waiting for acknowledge

Image RemovedImage Added

Caution (e.g. email bouncing)

eSAW Status Icon ExpiredImage RemovedImage Added

Envelope is expired