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Feature Release

eSignAnyWhere 23.23

Date: Planned June 2023 - (Release Candidate installed on demo already)

Beside, focusing on stabilizing and improving existing features to make them even better to use, this release additionally introduces significant improvements to file storage management:

titleNew file storage option (Amazon S3)

The file storage system has been reworked to allow separate storage for backups. This enables more efficient and organized data management. Amazon S3 support: We have integrated support for Amazon S3 as a file storage option. Users can now leverage the power and scalability of Amazon S3 for their storage needs.

Configuration changes:

  • The configuration location for the temporary folder has been modified. The previous "storage\tempfolder" configuration must be replaced with the new "tempFolderPath" instead.
  • Update storage node requirements: Each storage node in the configuration now required requires two attributes. Firstly, a mandatory unique "id" attribute with a maximum length of 36 characters. Secondly, a mandatory "type" attribute with available options being "FileSystem" or "AmazonS3".
  • Usage definition for storage nodes: To specify the purpose of each storage node, a "<usedFor>" node has been introduced. Users can choose from three options: Files, Backups or Everything.
  • Amazon S3 limitation: Please note that Amazon S3 can only be used as a storage option for the "Files" category.
    • AmazonS3 is currently only valid for Files option.

For more information and samples please refer to the documentation provided in the GlobalXML#Storage

titleRedirect after sending envelope

The default redirect after sending an envelope is now the Envelope Details page (Document details). The redirect can be changed in the Admin Web to the following:

Please also see AdminWeb Organizations List.