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Note: If you select an envelope you can select all available actions from the top bar (Sign, Remind, Restart, Cancel, Delete, Unlock). The action-button in the list of envelopes shows the typical required action.

Envelope Details


To modify an envelope just click on it to load the envelope details page. On this page you can see the defined workflow with recipients, the document(s) and basic information about the envelope (e.g. start and expiration date). Moreover, you are able to enable or disable, if the envelope is shared with your team members.


This feature allows you to send an envelope to multiple signers. The workflow will be split at this order into unique envelopes for each bulk recipient. This allows you to create a workflow, where the first signer (e.g. head of a department) signs the document and then each of the bulk recipients (e.g. employees of the department) receives a unique document for signing.

Design the Workflow

  1. Add a bulk as recipient
  2. Information to upload a CSV
  3. Create a bulk CSV for upload
  4. CSV upload

Create a Bulk CSV with a template

  1. CSV recipients

The import CSV (with PIN authentication) should have the following parameter, where the first line is required as column identifier:


If the Authentication>>Pin is enabled (true) the authentication is activated.
The last number is an example value for a parameter for the authentication.


Download the plugin and install it:

The plugin directly uploads the document in the clipboard of your eSignAnyWhere account. After the installation, you can use in Microsoft Office the eSignAnywhere Plugin, but first you have to configure it with your user token. The user token can be found in your Settings/Account page.


You can find the plugin in “Add-Ins”

Configure the user token:


If you use eSignAnywhere on premise you also can configure the endpoint (URL).

By clicking “Upload to Clipboard” the document will be uploaded to the clipboard. To use the uploaded file, just go to your clipboard and click on “Start Envelope”. A clipboard file can only be used for one envelope.

If you want to create your own “upload-to-clipboard” application, you can easily do it via API (UploadUserFile_v1 [SOAP]). Only the user token and a file XML, similar to the upload data structure (UploadTemporarySspFile_v1) and an optional source of the file.