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  1. Authentication settings


(2) Designer

The Designer helps you to assign predefined signature fields of the document to the recipients and define additional signature fields and form fields.

  • Recipients: Select a recipient for placing signature or form fields by drag and drop. Every recipient has its own color to be easily visible at the document preview.
  • Form fields and predefined fields: signature field and form fields (e.g. text form, checkbox, radio button) and predefined field (e.g. initials of the recipient)
  • Document: The document shows the pages of the envelopes documents and the placed elements (signatures and form fields) can be easily moved, edited (by clicking on it) and deleted (except predefined form fields of the uploaded PDF document).

The next figures show you how to add for example signature fields and textfields in the eSignAnyWhere viewer. In the video you see how you can position the fields and how you can change the settings of the form fields. For example we changed the settings of the first signature field in the video from Click2Sign to Draw2Sign (if you select more than one type, the signer can choose his signing method).

  1. Compact view

  1. Recipients
  2. Tools
  3. Document

Define Signature of Recipient

Please also see the electronic signature guide.


  1. No required field
  2. Required field (highlighted in red)

  1. Signature settings


To increase the recipient’s user experience, you can use the batch signature. This allows the recipient to sign more than one signature field at once. Therefore, you have to select a first signature field and add the “Batch Signature” option. You can add more signature fields to the multi-signature field. So a signer is optionally able to sign all fields at once!


  • Simple Batch
  • Signature List (unselected)
  • Signature List (preselected)
  • Signature List (selected, required mandatory)
  • Signature List (unselected, required mandatory)

Form Fields

You can add form fields simply by drag and drop and place it on the document or via the advanced tags as predefined fields.