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  1. Summary contains information about:
    1. Envelope name
    2. Recipients
      1. By clicking on the different recipients the recipient related messages will be displayed below
    3. Messages
    4. Documents
  2. Notification Settings
    Define the settings for the notifications (relative or absolute) expiration
    and also the notifications for the continuing reminders and the reminder before


    Please note: There is a minimum and a maximum value for the expiration setting:

    • Minimum value: 10 min (cannot be changed through settings)
    • Maximum value: default - 28 days (can be changed in the global.xml configuration - maxEnvelopeValidityInDays)

    If the entered value is below the minimum or above the maximum, a warning will be displayed

  3. General Settings
    1. Use qualified timestamp
    2. Prevent editing form fields after envelope is finished
  4. Wizard Navigation Bar