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REST API v3 is deprecated and will be removed from the product soon. For at least 1 year after the deprecation anouncement (01 Jun 2022) the API v3 will still be contained in every featurestream version, and thus will still be part of the 22.76 with marketing name "23 LTS". One year after the deprecation announcement, API v3 will be removed from the product; will then not be available on feature-stream releases and the Shared-Saas instances, and will finally not be included in 23.76 ("24 LTS") anymore, which is expected early in Q2/2024.

We recommend to migrate now from REST API v3 to REST API v4 and v5 as long as new features of API v6 are not mandatory. API v4 and v5 will remain part of the product beyond the announced removal of v3, while REST API v6 will be added in parallel.
For new projects starting after Jul 2022, we strongly recommend to start with REST API v6.