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  • Envelope: Name of the envelope and if you want to prevent the envelope from sharing in your team
  • Documents: The documents in the envelope
  • Recipients: define recipients and their order (sequential or parallel)
    • Recipient Types:
      • Needs to Sign: the recipient must sign the document to continue the workflow
      • Receives a copy: the recipient gets a copy of the documents via email, the workflow continues automatically
      • Needs to acknowledgeview: the recipient must open the document to continue the workflow
      • Bulk: optional feature to split the document to send a unique document to recipients defined in the bulk
      • Automatic Remote Signers: optional feature to sign with an automatic remote signature (For more information: Beginner Guide)
      • Needs to Sign (PKCS#7): optional feature to sign a document with a PKCS#7 signature (For more information: Beginner Guide)
    • Authentication: define if the recipient has to authenticate
      • Access Code: The recipient has to enter the code to open the envelope (pre-shared code)
      • SMS Code: The recipient receives a SMS with the one-time-password (OTP) to open the envelope
      • Windows-Live Authentication
      • OAuth / SAML / BankID as optional authentication methods (if available and configured)
    • Personal Message for recipient and language
    • Settings for Digital Remote Certificates, Disposable Certificates and SMS-OTP signature (optional)
  • Message: Define the message and subject for the envelope
  • Document Visibility: optional feature, which allows to define the document visibility defined by recipient (only if you use more than one document in the envelope and more than one recipient)
  • Meta Data: if enabled, the sender can add metadata to the envelope (e.g. for hybrid use cases)

    To create an envelope following steps are necessary: Name the envelope, upload a document, select one to many recipients, (additional) design a personal message. The next figures will show you exactly how to create an envelope.