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The Story

The seller wants to send the contract to the customer and at the same time he/she wants to send the calculations of the offer to the head of the company. Therefore, the seller uses document visibility to hide for example the calculations for the customer. Thus, the head of the company receives all documents including the calculation. The customer, however, only sees the contract. Instead of hiding a calculation from the customer, a similar scenario is e.g. to hide the SEPA payment form filled by signer A from signer B.

Use Case Description

This case is an everyday sales situation. In this case three people are involved:

  • The head of the company who wants to see all documents
  • The seller who just wants to see the offer and the calculation
  • The customer who only should see the offer

Therefor, the document visibility must be set.

Please also see the developer mode for this tutorial here: Visit the developer mode.


You have to upload at least two documents and you have to add two recipients at a minimum to see the document visibility.